Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lush is Fabulush!

I love lush and so do a lot of other people! I was surfing the web and these are some of the comments I found.

Avocado bath bombs, Goth Juice styling gel, Rehab shampoo, Dream Cream lotions, Angels on Bare Skin cleansers, soaps of every color, flavor, and shape - handmade and cut just for you... that's what you'll find in likely every LUSH you could visit, from America to Australia and everywhere in between. But the Newbury Street LUSH stands out from the other sweet-smelling, organically primped, bath melt and shower jelly-loving masses. The service is extraordinary and incredibly patient, especially considering that you'd have to imagine that LUSH customers - first-timers and faithful alike - are going to have questions galore about the unique products and their even more unique names, and presentation. It's great when you can go into what is essentially a chain store and feel that you have taken part of something very personal. This will be my go-to LUSH no matter where I live in town -- so very worth it.


LUSH is the soap store on newbury that you can smell a block away.

This place is crazy if you like soap, really over-the-top good stuff. I first came across LUSH years ago in Covent Garden and brought back way too much soap on my intercontinental return home. I am happy to see some LUSH locations opening around the USA and this one is just as great as all their stores I have been to around europe. When we were here this past weekend they had a CRAZY buy 1 get 2 free deal on soaps - how easy is it to walk out with $250 worth of soap... I will be clean for a good long while, thanks LUSH! when was the last time you bought a $40 bar of soap?!!?

My favorites are the spicy orange and patchoulli Karma, lemony Bohemian, the minty mysterious Demon in the Dark and sweet honey goodness of Honey I Washed the Kids...


Despite having lived in Boston for awhile, I only recently became acquainted with the brilliance of Lush. I love the Skin Drink and the Ocean Salt and have even converted back to bar soap just so I can take advantage of all the different kinds (which can be custom cut to whatever size you need). They have adorable gift sets as well (which are preassembled, but if you have something else in mind, they can wrap for you), and many of my friends received Lush products for Christmas. The staff is super helpful and extremely friendly - I've never come across a Lush employee who was anything less.

My only complaint is the pricing - it's so expensive, but since you're paying for quality and longevity (seriously, this stuff lasts awhile), it's a pretty minor complaint. They often have free gifts or sales, so it's good to check in relatively often - last time I stopped in, they were having a buy 1 get 2 free sale on bar soap, and now I'm set until 2010. Stopping into Lush is always worth it.


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